The Dirty Nekkid Man coffee blend was developed over a cup of coffee. We wanted to develope a coffee that was unique, local and creative, roasted from superior beans of course. My parents are coffee farmers, and while I love being part of the business, we were eager to spin off an proove success on our own, that's how the Dirty Nekkid Man came along. Latin American coffees are traditionally washed coffees, processing naturally is non-conventional of Latin American and hence it seemed appropriate that we loved this coffee so much! So slowly over coffee and wine, a little more wine we came up with the DIRTY NEKKID MAN.


Also available at Whole Foods Market.

We're thrilled to have our Dirty Nekkid coffees at Whole Foods Market. So far we're in most of the Atlanta stores...but with a little help from our friends and coffee followers we'll slowly go regional with Whole Foods and maybe even one day be offering nationally in their stores. So ask your local Whole Foods to get the Dirty Nekkid coffees in!


BUY NOW - $24.00 (2 12-oz bags increments)

Dirty Nekkid Man - Whole Bean ~ Dark Roast ~ Full Body ~ Medium Acidity

(2 12-oz bags) Dirty Nekkid Man Coffee - Dark Roast

Dirty Nekkid Man coffees for sale through JavaVino.

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