The intital launch of the Dirty Nekkid coffee series consisted of the Dirty Nekkid Man, Le Dirty Nekkid and the Dirty Nekkid Espress. The Lady only seemed to be the next logical coffee to offer, but the idea is thanks to Wes, the Coffee Buyer at the Whole Foods Ponce store. Wes requested a Dirty Nekkid Lady and a decaf. Myself, being a lady and a didn't seem appropriate to make the "lady" the "decaf", so instead we thought it out. The "lady" required a coffee that appealed to women. A coffee that met women's demand to start our busy lives off right, some light, yet bold...then came the morning blend idea. Alas came the Dirty Nekkid Lady, our next best seller after the Dirty Nekkid Man....but in my opinion one of our very, best tasting coffees!


Also available at Whole Foods Market.

We're thrilled to have our Dirty Nekkid coffees at Whole Foods Market. So far we're in most of the Atlanta stores...but with a little help from our friends and coffee followers we'll slowly go regional with Whole Foods and maybe even one day be offering nationally in their stores. So ask your local Whole Foods to get the Dirty Nekkid coffees in!


BUY NOW - $24.00 (2 12-oz bags increments)

Dirty Nekkid Lady - Whole Bean ~ Light Roast ~ Full Body ~ Medium Acidity

(2 12-oz bags) Dirty Nekkid Lady Coffee - Light Roast

Dirty Nekkid Lady coffees for sale through JavaVino.

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