The Dirty Nekkid coffee series started with the Dirty Nekkid Man, Le Dirty Nekkid and the Dirty Nekkid Espress. There's a lot of confusion around the word espresso. The word espresso generally refers to a brewing method. Our espresso blend combines four different coffees, with the Dirty Nekkid Man as a our base, that accenturates huge body, huge flavor and low acidity. All characteristics associated with a good espresso. This blend can be used to pull your espresso shots at home, however is brews a traditional cup of coffee as well. Go ahead and enjoy the dark chocolate notes and enticing aromas of the Dirty Nekkid Espress.


Also available at Whole Foods Market.

We're thrilled to have our Dirty Nekkid coffees at Whole Foods Market. So far we're in most of the Atlanta stores...but with a little help from our friends and coffee followers we'll slowly go regional with Whole Foods and maybe even one day be offering nationally in their stores. So ask your local Whole Foods to get the Dirty Nekkid coffees in!


BUY NOW - $24.00

Le Dirty Nekkid - Whole Bean ~ Espresso Roast ~ Medium Body ~ Medium Acidity
(2 12-oz bags) Dirty Nekkid Espress Coffee - Espresso

(2 12-oz bags) Dirty Nekkid Espress Coffee - Espresso

Le Dirty Nekkid coffees for sale through JavaVino.

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